CALSENS PRIVATE LIMITED is an organization engaged in the business of valve manufacturing. It produces valves for multivarious uses. The company supplies its products to various renowned organizations. The office is located at the Kolkata's main office area i.e., at Dalhousie square and the two manufacturing units are located in the renowned industrial location at Howrah,West Bengal,India.
This company is formed approx. forty-one years back The expertise on the products manufactured is long and proven in the market. An experienced and competent team of employees run the organization, who are thoroughly conversant with the product requirements..

The Top Management team is as follows

1. Kumar Brijraj Singh - FCA Managing Director - Experience 17 Years
2. Subir Chandra Dhir Deb - Bsc. Hons. AMIE - Director - Experience 24 Years
3. R T Namasivayam - BE (mech) - Non Executive Director - Experience 47 years

The company from its very inception, has given very high priority on the quality of the products. Strict maintenance of product standard is always ensured. Customer feedback is a major source for up gradation of products. The testing of products is done under strict vigilance and no compromise on quality of functioning is tolerated. Sometimes product is tested by the customer's representative, who carries out inspection in the works itself. The company keeps a close liaison with the customers for any suggestion / improvement necessary on the product

The product profile of the company is as follows : Wide range of Industrial Valves such as Sluice, Globe, Non-Return, Butterfly, Pressure Relief, Foot, Air, Pulp, Diaphragm and Double Beat Valves, in Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel / MS Fabricated construction.

Calsens Valves are mainly supplied in Water Works, Sugar Industry, Drainage Projects, Irrigation Projects, Steel Plants etc.

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